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The Fear of Being Found Out: Combatting Imposter Syndrome at Work

Best Audience: corporate, associations, opening conference keynotes, women’s conference, young leaders, business owners

Julia shatters the silence around imposter syndrome in this encouraging, humorous and motivational presentation. She shares powerful, easy-to-implement strategies for kicking imposter syndrome to the curb. Attendees will leave feeling less alone with feelings of insecurity and they’ll be inspired to lead with confidence at work and in life.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what imposter syndrome is and who it affects
  • Understand your own feelings of imposter syndrome
  • Discover 9 actionable strategies for battling imposter syndrome in life
  • Implement tangible strategies to get rid of imposter syndrome on your work teams, starting today
  • Learn how to foster a work culture that stops imposter syndrome in its tracks
  • Avoid comparing your blooper reel to everyone else’s highlight reel
  • Embrace and lead with confidence in life and career

Radical Realness & Connection: The Authenticity Guide to Leadership

Best Audience: corporate, associations, opening conference keynotes

In this eye-opening and motivational talk, Julia unpacks what truly authentic leadership means: connecting meaningfully with other human beings. Pulling from her own experiences with different types of leaders in diverse industries, she shares her secret sauce for truly authentic leadership. Participants will feel empowered to lead — with or without formal authority — and inspire those around them for whole careers to come.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what authentic leadership means in today’s workplace
  • Reject out-dated methods of leadership that de-motivate employees
  • Comprehend how connection, communication and collaboration can transform workplace from being good to superb
  • Listen to stories of excellent leaders and understand why their leadership style is authentic and effective
  • Feel empowered to lead, regardless of your position in your organization
  • Develop strategies for connecting effectively with colleagues
  • Learn to teach others the strategies of authentic leadership at your organization

EQ>IQ: Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Best Audience: corporate, associations, opening conference keynotes, women’s conference, business owners

In this inspirational and uplifting talk, you’ll learn why emotional intelligence is far more critical than IQ for today’s generation of leaders. Participants will learn how to lead by expertly managing emotions and successfully navigating interpersonal relationships, for greater success at work and in life. You will feel empowered to emotionally connect for greater purpose and productivity.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to define EQ and understand why it’s critical in the workplace
  • Understand the consequences of putting emotional intelligence on the backburner
  • Adopt tangible strategies for upping your emotional intelligence as a leader
  • Gain strategies for effectively communicating and collaborating with others in the workplace
  • Integrate the four components of EQ (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management) into your leadership style
  •  Examine your own strengths and weaknesses in developing emotional intelligence
  • Learn the brain science of emotional hijacking moments and gain strategies for self-regulation
  • Build bonds of connection by nurturing instrumental relationships in business
  • Uphold integrity and increase your persuasive influence and leadership impact
  • Build collaborative skills and empowering communication
  • Recognize the contagious influence of your moods, attitudes, and emotions with leadership encounters