Empowering emerging leaders
to find greater confidence & connectedness
at work and in life.

Julia uses a positive psychology and strengths-based

approach to help clients find joy and success.

1:1 Coaching

Employee Mediation

Coaching_Two women engaged in mediation

What You'll Get:
- A predetermined number of 1:1 coaching sessions to occur weekly at the same time
- Coaching sessions are virtual and 60 minutes in length
- Understand and define your passions and how to apply them at work and in life
- Set goals related to career & life and set yourself up for success to achieve them
- Learn how to focus on holistic well-being and exercise radical self compassion
- Understand and embrace your unique strengths and apply them meaningfully at work and in life
- Delve into mindsets that might be holding you back and correct them (confidence, imposter syndrome, effective leadership, self-judgment and many more)
- Full access to all TAG resources, courses, frameworks and more
- Continuous access to coach in between sessions
Employee Mediation is a fit if:
- Two individuals on your team or in your company aren't getting along
- There is a need for a neutral individual to facilitate a conversation between two parties utilizing key mediation tools
- You need a forward-looking approach to getting along and enhancing productivity on a team
- Employees have been unable to settle conflict on their own
- Manager has been unable to settle conflict between two employees
- Employees will come away with: a plan for moving forward in working together productively, empathy for the other party, a roadmap for how to work together effectively in the future
- If you think employee mediation might be right for you, members of your team, or employees of your company, email julia@theauthenticityguide.com for rates, details and a pre-mediation discussion

Schedule Your Call Now If:

- You feel stuck professionally and aren't sure how to get unstuck

- You aren't sure what your "passion" is

- You struggle with professional or personal confidence

- You want to learn new strategies for authentic networking

- You want to get better at harnessing your strengths at work

- You want to build leadership skills but aren't sure where to begin

- You want to grow and develop in your current role

- You need a professional change and could use some guidance

- You could use someone on your "team" to help you navigate change or indecision

- You feel ready to invest in your leadership development and growth

- You want to get more intentional about soft skills development

- You need help crafting a professional narrative

Here’s what clients are saying

  • "Julia helped me do a lot of deep self discovery in order to uncover where my innate strengths and interests lie. She gave me the confidence to pursue those interests and change not just my career path, but my life. I know that in twenty years, I will be looking back at this pivotal moment when I made a completely transformative decision. I will remember with gratitude that I could not have done any of it without Julia."
  • "My group coaching experience with Julia was wonderful. I was nervous about it at first, but after meeting the 3 other women it made me feel less so. We quickly became a team, and each week inspired each other to move forward with our own personal goals. Julia has the notable gift of listening and providing such warm and earnest feedback. I feel richer for knowing her and the three other women. And I feel full from recognizing my goals and taking the strides to achieve them."
  • "In the months leading up to our initial consult, my confidence in my skill set, identity, and trajectory had dipped to a low point. Julia's ability to listen, quickly build trust, see me, and, most importantly, help me see and feel proud of myself dramatically shifted my approach to my work and life. With her help, I've learned to become aware and appreciative of my values and leadership strengths, thoughtfully question underlying assumptions, and explore opportunities with newfound confidence and excitement."
  • Julia helped me so much when I was [looking for a job] last year and I cannot thank her enough - she was exactly what I needed to help organize my thoughts, get my pitch and resume in order, get out there and network, and build the confidence to put myself out there (as hard as that was!). She helped me find excitement in the process!"
  • “Working with Julia was inspiring, transformative, and fun.  After listening carefully to my situation, she asked a few incisive questions that helped me reframe my challenges and think productively about next steps. I would recommend her to anyone looking to make positive changes in their career!”
  • “Successful coaching requires walking a fine line between pushing someone out of their comfort zone - to facilitate growth - while being adept at recognizing where a client needs more support and guidance. Julia has the ability to provide insightful direction while maintaining a human and thoughtful connection. Working with her on interview prep gave me the added confidence I needed to present myself and my experience in the best light and helped me to prepare for unexpected twists and turns in the hiring process. She was a pleasure to work with.”
  • Julia has been an incredible guide for me as I explore where I’m going in my career. She’s helped me translate my skillset into a powerful resume that got me noticed by a dream company. But what made my experience with Julia exceptional was her coaching me for a very extensive interview I recently had. She led me through a mock interview (that turned out to be insanely accurate to what the actual interview was like) and provided feedback that was insightful and tangible. Can’t wait to continue working with Julia!”